Organizing committee

How did this story of the Belgian Délégation began?

Yves, Etienne and Sébastien (alias Dago) went to Basel in May 2017. As every European Conference, they have been inspired by the great atmosphere that our Belgian Delegation always brings. They came back enthousiastic and talked about it again and again and again … in the District of Luxembourg.

Their ideas has been so appealing that we end up being 11 members in the commission. It is headed by District Director 2017-2018, Jean-Christophe Louis. The organization committee represents the strength of our district. From Centre-Ardenne, you will share good laughs with Dago, Yves, Etienne and the charming Caroline. From Arlon, you’ll party with Murielle, Fanny, Céline and Maxime. From Bastogne, you’ll go to the stars with Anne. From Gaume, you’ll celebrate with Fanny, Laurence, Jim and Jean-Christophe.

In case, you’d like to know more, feel free reach out to us and while we are answering, share a drink and enjoy life!


The Belgian Delegation organizing committee